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About this Program


Students learn the concept of Hotel Management who is able to professionally manage and own a character in implementing operational and managerial tasks in the hotel business (Lodging), and food and beverage business. Students are trained by emphasizing more practical experiences during the program.

The duration of the Diploma IV Hospitality Study Program is 4 years full-time equivalent to a S1 (Bachelor’s degree) study program. Graduates are awarded a Bachelor of Applied Tourism Diploma (S.Tr Par). The curriculum is designed for 8 semesters (4 years) with a total credit of 145 credits consisting of 65 theoretical credits and 80 practical/practical credits including 2-semester Internship programs (12 months) in hotel industries at a minimum of 4 stars, Fine Dining Restaurants, and national and multinational companies in the field of Food and Beverage.

Government Registration Number:


Program Period:

4 Years

Internship :

Semester 3 and Semester 6


Sarjana Terapan Pariwisata (S.Tr.Par)

Total Credits:


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