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Azhardian Muhammad - Hyatt Capital Gate Abu Dhabi

Thank you so much, for Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Bogor (STP Bogor) that changed me to become a better and hospitable person for the past 3 years. Being hospitable can make you reach what you think before is hard. In STP Bogor, I taught so many things about how to be hospitable everyday, how to face every different personality from different nationality, and so much other priceless things that I can’t write all here.

I also given opportunity to be a leader of Spice Guys, the first parody dance group in STP Bogor. I learn about how to manage a team with peoples that have different way of thinking, personality, and willingness to act. Also from that time I started to like dancing. After being a leader, then I became dance instructor for Spice Guys. Being an instructor gave me so much fun and experience. Fun part is being able to pass my passion about dance to another that also like to dance. Experience part is when you do something you like, from the heart, the result will never disappoint yourself.


Now I work in Hyatt Capital Gate, Abu Dhabi as a commis in Pastry. At the time I write this, it’s my 3rd month working at Hyatt Capital Gate. Working abroad is one of my wish that God grant for me. And my God make my way to work abroad easier by letting my decision to choose STP Bogor as the place to continue my study after high school. At last, it’s not easy to become who you are today. It takes your yesterday, and so much day before. Instead of worrying what you don’t have today, we should be thankful for the day we lived, and be thankful for the chance to get a new morning to make a better change for your tomorrow. All changes are come from willingness to act from your very own heart. Thank you BHI, for giving me the chance to become what I’m today.

Maria Cicilia - Hyatt Capital Gate Abu Dhabi


This is a story of journey in my life. Started from a small dream when I was a kid. I promised to my self someday I will travelling around the world. But day by day I forgot about my dream, until I finished my colleges than I have to choose what I want to be for my future. Suddenly I remember my dream. And basically most of my family work in the hospitality industry whether in the cruise ship or hotel. At the end I choose Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Bogor (STP Bogor).

First time here, I have nothing. I dont know anything about hospitality but I try to learn even its not easy. Honestly, sometimes I feel I made big mistake to choosed hospitality industry until I did my first job training in mandarin oriental jakarta on march 2011 as a pastry trainee. I found my happiness during do this job. After I finished this first job training I decide to continue it again. I want to learn more about hospitality industry. Finally I completed my 3 years in STP Bogor on october 2014.

Before I completed 3 years I work as a opening team for Amaroosa royal bogor for a half year. And now here I am. Work as a Commis pastry in hyatt capital gate abu dhabi. The iconic building of abu dhabi. Not only to continue my dream when I was kid but doing what I love.

I’m feeling so thankful for STP Bogor. I learned how to be a good hotelier. Keep grow up STP Bogor. All the best.

Diego Frilino R.A.

This is not a story of my life, but a journey in life to find a success. They called me, Diego Frilino Ramadhan Abdulrasul, alumni Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Bogor (STP Bogor), Batch 14 and also good looking. I am an Event Consultant at FOURJACK Event Solution – Jakarta, the company that I owned. My life is much unexpected. I used to be the laziest person in class and skipped many subjects, but I do listen to all quotes the teachers given in class. Wiseman said to me once, success is at the peak of all miserable things on your way up.

To make things simple, I am now an employer, not an employee and I own a small entertainment company. A little quote from myself for other, life is like a can of sardines, you just need to find the key, Thank you for reading my story. Hopefully some of you will have much more wonderful story to come.

Best Wishes,

Diego Frilino R. A.

Risya Rifasadin

It’s been an honor for me to share you my great story and part of my journey becomes a student of AKPAR Bogor BHI. Join with BHI as Hospitality Person seems like I found my soul mate. Learn many things I’ve never known by enjoying time by time, activities by activities, and so on. Lots of activities like theoretical class, weekly training program at Hotel Salak the Heritage Bogor, TOEFL program, Table Manner, on the job training program at Nirwana Gardens Resort Hotel Bintan Island as Guest Service Agent, become a vice chief of SENAT, another job training program at Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta as Catering Sales Secretary and Human Resources, give me valuable experiences as a student of AKPAR Bogor BHI.

BHI could be the beginner of valuable meeting, Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta, Five Star International Hotel. I have always been a pleasure and an honor to work as Front Desk Agent in Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta after last year I’m working at The Park Lane Hotel Jakarta as Guest Relations Officer. (In the deep of love and grateful, Alhamdulillah). Thank you for AKPAR Bogor BHI by teach me much, countless, precious, yet priceless. For management, all lectures and team, thank you for complete my journey, while the contribution still I feel until now. I do appreciate all those day we faced together.

I wish you and AKPAR Bogor BHI very best and many success in the future.

Best Regards,
Risya Rifasadin

Edvami Maradiyana Praeswitari

My name is Edvami Maradiyana Praeswitari and my friends usually call me Amy. I come from average rate of family, neither in overwhelming nor lack, as in opposite way. My father is entitled as a Doctor and works in agriculture field of expertise. His prior intention was for me to be successful equally with his line of work, but unfortunately i was not interested. I prefer to register myself to Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Bogor (STP Bogor) although I didn’t have any profile about it. Later on, I received some related information from my aunt, whose neighbour coincidentally studies there.

In my fresh year of college I didn’t understand about the subjects which were given due to, honestly I majored in science during my High School, but after a while I managed to learn all the subjects and I gained my interest for them. Those were new things I could get and moreover enriched with practices and a job training also. I learned how to be self supported and had experiences about real working environment. Trully, it was exciting and went fast until finally I was in my last semester and had to complete my final project which then to be determined whether should I pass or fail by the result of the final assessment. Then came the moment of joy and happiness when I was stated to be passed, regardless that I was also sad because I had to farewell my colleagues in pursuit of life. Apart from that, I am grateful to have a job even before I graduated and it was all in favour of Bogor Hotel Institute (BHI), in which I had the information concerning the vacancy from Ms Mahesha Herdiana Poetri, Students Training Coordinator-STP Bogor.

In the beginning I wasn’t so certain because of many rivals in competion with good competencies, but with faith and confidence I managed through all the obstacles resulting that now I’m working in Padjadjaran Suites Hotel Bogor which recently opened in 2012 as a Front Desk Agent staff. These are all in which for me to be thankful after all my persistence during my study in STP Bogor. Word of thanks wouldn’t be sufficient for that I think, because all of this success happened from the guidance of all the lecturers and staff from STP Bogor Hopefully by working at my best performance will flourish the excellent reputation of STP Bogor. I would like to express and apply all the knowledge which I obtained from STP Bogor and I shall make it proud towards my carreer both at the present moment and also for the future. Thank you STP Bogor.

Best Wishes,

Edvami Maradiyana Praeswitari

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