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Berry Munandar, A.Md.Par

What I’m about to tell you all is the journey of how I become what I’m today it might be ordinary to some of you but it’s extraordinary at least to me and I won’t do it the other way around and will not be possible without STP Bogor, it started back in 2008 when I first step my foot to STP Bogor, I was clueless at first all I know that this institution will take me to work abroad the idea I got from my step father when he showed me his picture in the Alaska United States.

 I learned alot during my time at STP Bogor my first OTJT was Holiday Inn Batam as a server which was hard at first since I have no background working at the restaurant environment but BHI did their best to make me ready to tackle the challenges I might encounter in reality and my 2nd OTJT was on starcruise line and i found easier since I had prior OTJT experience also I’m so grateful to all professional lectures with their experiences and expertise were able to prepare me to face the industry.

Long story short I decided to move to Canada back in 2012 up until now, I’m currently working as a commercial pilot and recently got promoted to be one of the captain flying sw4 metroliner for one of the aviation company in Canada, I may no longer working at the hotel or restaurant environment setting anymore but everything I had learned at BHI for sure stick in me and help me to face any challenges at work, again I’d like to extend my gratitude to BHI you’re rock without It I don’t know what I will end up in life.

Disay Anaking, A.Md.Par

Disay Anaking A.Md.Par is one of the alumni at Bogor Tourism College (STP Bogor) Batch 26. Currently, Disay works as a CDP (Indonesian Food) at Hotel Arya Duta Tugu Tani Jakarta. Disay graduated in 2015 and started working in 2016 at Hotel Arya Duta Tugu Tani Jakarta in the Kitchen section.  Disay did his first on the job training (OTJT) at Swiss-Bell Hotel Bandung (Kitchen).  His second OTJT was at Hotel Arya Duta Tugu Tani Jakarta (Kitchen).

Disay found STP Bogor as the best tourism and hospitality college in the city of Bogor. It has lecturers who are experienced in the hospitality industry.  As a person with passion in kitchen, he found it was right to choose to study at STP Bogor, because he got a lot of cooking knowledge while he was studying at STP Bogor.  He got 2 OTJTs  so that when he completed his study and started his career he, at least, has already had a provision for a direct 1-year internship kitchen.

Ryanto Pangestu A.Md.Par

Ryanto Pangestu Saptadji A.Md.Par is an alumni of the D3 Program at Bogor Tourism College. Ryanto graduated in 2016, Currently Ryanto works as a Housekeeping Attendant at Holland America Line Ryanto started his career on cruise ships since 2017. The first OTJT (On The Job Training) at the Hyatt Regency Bandung Hotel in the Housekeeping Department and the second OTJT (On The Job Training) at Hotel Delonix Karawang in the Housekeeping section as well.

Ryan’s testimony about STP Bogor : Very happy to be one of the graduates from the Bogor Tourism College, in accordance with the Bogor Tourism College’s motto “short courses are easy to work” so I have experienced, and not only that, the Bogor Tourism College has taught us a lot everything is how to become a better person, and now I can take jobs not only in the country and even abroad and there are lots of graduates who work abroad as well as in hotels, companies and cruise ships, the right choice for those of you who have dreams in the hospitality sector and tourism to enter and join the Bogor Tourism College.

Celvin A.Md.Par

Celvin A.Md.Par. was registered as a Bacth 28 student at Bogor Tourism College (STP Bogor).  He graduated in 2016 and, in 2017 – 2018, he worked as a Guest Relations Representative for Oakwood Premier Cozmo Jakarta.  Later he worked at Novotel & Ibis Styles Jakarta Mangga Dua Square as a Sales Executive.  Currently he is a sales executive for Mercure Convention Center Ancol.

According to Celvin, STP Bogor is the best hotel college with good facilities to support the learning system.  “I got the opportunity to have 2 on the job trainings (OTJTs).  I had the opportunity to choose 2 cities where I wanted to do my OTJTs. I decided to have my first OTJT in the Front Office Agent Section at Holiday Inn Resort, Batam.  My second OTJT was done in the Guest Relations Officer Section at Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort and Spa, Langkawi”, Celvin said.

Reviana Sari A.Md.Par

Reviana Sari A.Md.Par is one of the alumni at Bogor Tourism College, Revi took the D3 Hotel Management Department. Revi have experience OTJT (On The Job Training) first at Grand Melia Hotel Jakarta in the Kitchen section and the second OTJT (On The Job Training) at Hotel Aryaduta Jakarta in the Kitchen section, Revi graduated from college in 2016. Currently Revi works at% Arabica Indonesia as a Barista Not only that, Revi also has a lot of experience working in the barista world such as at Starbucks, Ahora Cafe and even has experience working abroad at Intercontinental Fujairah UAE as a Barista.

Reviana Testimony about STP Bogor: very happy to be able to study at Bogor Tourism College because I got a lot of experience during my study at Bogor Tourism College, studying at Bogor Tourism College can be a bridge to work in 5 star hotels and even on cruise ships in the country and even abroad. Thank you STP Bogor.

Noni Rizalia Amory S.Tr.Par

Noni Rizalia Amory S.Tr.Par is an alumni batch 26 at Bogor Tourism College 2016, currently noni works at Harris Hotel Sentul as Admin Sales. After graduating Noni immediately worked at the Parklane Hotel Jakarta in the Sales of Marketing division as Secretary of Sales, then at Swissbel Residence Rasuma Epicentrum in the Sales of Marketing division as a Sales Executive. During his studies at the Bogor Tourism College, Noni have experience for OTJT (On The Job Training), first OTJT (On The Job Training) at Sheraton Mustika Yogyakarta in the Kitchen Department and the second OTJT (On The Job Training) at Arion Swiss-Bel Bandung in the Marketing section.

Noni’s Testimony about STP Bogor: Well I studied at STP Bogor from 2012 to 2016, it really gave a deep dan unforgettable impression. During my study at STP BHI I gained a lot of knowledge and experience in the world of hospitality. Here I got a new family, the learning methods were very innovative and creative. It is very easy to understand the world of the hospitality industry where the existing lecturers are already professional and are supported by several good campus facilities to implement hospitality science so that they are able to support students to continue to develop in their respective fields “. Thank you.


Fathiyah Hassan A.Md.Par

Fathiyah Hassan A.Md.Par is an alumni of the D3 program at the Bogor Tourism College. Currently Fathiyah works at PT.Prochiz as a Technical Chef. Graduated from Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Bogor in 2016, Fathiyah has worked (Daily Worker) since she was studying at Best Western Bogor in the Pastry section. While studying, Fathiyah carried out OTJT (On The Job Training) at Grand Aston Yogyakarta (Pastry), and Hotel Mandarin Oriental Jakarta (Pastry). Fathiyah has worked at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Jakarta (Commis Pastry).

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