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The Importance Of The Roles And Responsibilities Of Supervisors in Improving The Quality of Hotel Human Resources to Improve Services

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Excellent service for hotel customers should not only focus on providing facilities, but also how hotel employees serve guests. Good service will certainly give a positive impression in the eyes of guests so that they will return to stay.

In a company there is an organizational structure as the basis for a company to operate normally every day so that everyone can work efficiently and optimally. Where the flow in the organizational structure includes policies or ideas that are compiled, formulated, executed and can produce a certain output so that the company’s goals are achieved. Planning and formulation are steps taken by managers and executed by their employees. In carrying out the execution, of course, supervision will be carried out at that time the supervisor’s responsibility is in the flow.

A supervisor is required to be able to act as a bridge between managers and implementing staff or lower staff. The task of a supervisor is required to deal directly with his staff, this is to determine the smoothness and completion of a job.

In addition, good supervisors usually have a high sense of empathy, always accompany their subordinates to convey information from the manager properly and can embrace every employee under them. That way every employee feels part of the system and can work optimally.

Therefore, there are several duties and responsibilities of supervisors including:

1. Manage employees

Being a supervisor, you are required to be able to manage the work to be completed by the implementing staff.
At any time, clear daily arrangements are needed by the supervisor to his subordinate staff so that employees continue to work optimally and create a disciplined and orderly work atmosphere.
In addition, the supervisor must give orders to keep each plan in line with clear goals.

2. Motivate employees

Providing motivation to employees under him is also one of the important tasks of being a supervisor in order to maintain focus and quality of work of employees so as not to feel bored with the work given so as to produce optimal work results.
Often the work given by superiors requires heavy thinking but the supervisor’s job must at least be able to give a good mood to employees, thus making the work easy and fun to complete.

3. Able to explain job description well

In addition, being a supervisor is required to be able to explain and communicate work plans to start subordinates.

This is not easy to do because the work instructed by the manager cannot be directly understood by the employee, the explanation given by the supervisor must be able to convey every detail in the manager’s plan. So that with good work direction, employees will understand and execute the manager’s plans properly and appropriately.

4. Able to provide direction to employees

The existence of directives given in detail and regularly will make the work of employees carried out properly. As a supervisor, in addition to being a coordinating room for directive work carried out on a scheduled and routine basis, it can maintain good communication between supervisors and subordinates so as to create a comfortable work environment.

5. Control and evaluation of employee performance

Supervisors are also tasked with controlling and providing evaluations of every work that has been done by employees. With strong control, the execution of work according to the plan can be maintained and with a correct evaluation, corrections can be made to the work that is not the target.

However, the evolution that is carried out should be constructive so that employees still have high morale, usually the company has an evaluation tool in the form of an indicator machine in each position so that supervisors are also easier to evaluate jobs that do not reach the KPI that has been set.

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