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The Importance Of Sapta Pesona (Seven Enchantments) In Tourist Village As Supporting Tourism In The New Normal Era

The tourism sector has now entered a new normal age with the establishment of various tourist attractions and the execution of particular new normal health regulations. In this new normal era, all tourism must adhere to health protocols, specifically the concept of cleanliness, health, safety, and environmental sustainability (CHSE) as a new normal order in tourist destinations, and is expected to be a tourism sector strategy to keep people productive and safe from the Covid-19 virus.

Since the Covid 19 case, the value of “Sapta Pesona” has been reiterated again, the significance of integrating Hygiene, Health, Safety, and Environmental Sustainability (CHSE) as a support for tourism in the new normal period. One of the key goals of the Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environmental Sustainability (CHSE) initiative is to equip Tourism Villages to meet the demands of tourists in the new normal. If “Sapta Pesona” was formerly something that was frequently carried out in a tourist village, then the tourist village is ready to embrace a new era of normalcy that will become a new benchmark of outstanding service for travelers.


Sapta Pesona’s pillars are CHSE. The Regulation of the Minister of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia Number 14 of 2016, concerning the Criteria for Sustainable Tourism Destinations, which provides for the realization of the elements: Safe, Orderly, Clean, Cool, Beautiful, Friendly, and Memories. The placing of one of Sapta Pesona’s seven principles, namely ‘clean,’ is the key pioneer at this time. Cleanliness is essential for ensuring health and safety and protecting against the hazards of many infections. The element of cleanliness is very important in the application of the New Normal health protocol, namely Cleanliness, Health, Safety, and Environmental Sustainability / CHSE) as a New Normal arrangement in tourist destinations that refers to the concept of sustainable tourism development and Sapta Pesona.


The implementation of Sapta Pesona is crucial in the context of the new normal and is also pertinent to the need for the normalization and regrowth of the tourist industry following the pandemic. Community engagement in tourism development is becoming increasingly important during the new normal. In order to establish a conducive environment and atmosphere that would stimulate the growth and development of the tourist sector, Sapta Pesona is a description of the Tourism Awareness idea, particularly connected to the support and role of the community as hosts. We are compelled to uphold the norms of superior service, sanitation, and health after learning from Covid-19.

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