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The Importance Of Nationalism For Students

Citizenship Education or commonly referred to as PKN is a science or education that focuses on civic values ​​which include learning about the rights and obligations of a citizen in order to make citizens who can think critically in life in society and the state. Citizenship education is very important to learn in order to prevent negative behavior due to the times.

PKN or Citizenship Education is a program that has the aim of developing Indonesian citizens towards a better direction in accordance with the law.

PKN or Citizenship Education is a part of the national education regulations in Indonesia. Therefore, Citizenship Education is packaged into a curriculum and learning that must exist at every level of education, from elementary school to university or institution. The purpose and role for this Citizenship Education course is to fulfill the goals of national education. The function and role of civic education is for the achievement of national education goals.

PKN or called Citizenship Education has a very important role to increase awareness of the importance of living as a nation and state as well as having awareness of democracy and human rights, especially for today’s young generations who will become the nation’s successors who are expected to contribute to the Indonesian nation. With this Citizenship Education Course, it is hoped that young generations will have awareness so that they can make a real contribution in overcoming problems faced by the Indonesian nation such as existing conflicts so that they can solve them intelligently.

In the world of hospitality, Citizenship Education organized by the College of Tourism can be implemented in the form of the following activities: respecting lecturers and teaching staff, maintaining polite behavior and tolerance for differences in both religion and ethnicity, participating in maintaining campus facilities, being diligent in studying and attending lectures properly, and comply with the rules issued by the campus.

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