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STP Bogor Entrepreneurship Webinar Become A Millionaire From Culinary Business

Culinary business is a very promising income field. In this era, various culinary businesses are increasingly in demand and its market is getting wider and wider. In particular after various online food ordering apps are used, people from all over the place want to try unique and appetizing foods. Now many young millionaires are born from the food or beverage business they run.
Seeing this promising opportunity, the Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata on November 26 2022 at 09.00-11.30 held an Entrepreneurship Webinar with the theme, ‘Become a Millionaire from a Culinary Business’. The purpose of this activity is to motivate and provide knowledge to young people, students, and students who have an interest in the culinary business to start designing and starting their own business.

This webinar was initiated by MAIDAR SIMANIHURUK, M.Pd., M.PAR as Head of D4 Hospitality Study Program at Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Bogor by presenting inspiring speakers, 

they are Anthony Christoper, owner of the ‘Sunda Yuk’ catering business, Franz Sanggara from ‘Burger Bangor’. This webinar has reached wide attention. The total number of registered participants was 242 participants, which were dominated by participants from the millennial generation at the vocational/high school level and college students (89.7%). There were about 120 online participants who attended until the end of webinar.

The first speaker, Anthony Christoper, explained his experience in strategizing his ‘Sunda Yuk’ catering business which is the foundation of his current success. According to Anthony, in starting a business, we must first explore the problems and needs around us so that our business not only generates profits but also benefits to customers who use our business services.

Anthony also explained the importance of demographic market analysis and consumer behavior on social media. According to a survey, 71% of social media consumers are more likely to recommend a brand to others if they have had a positive experience.

Therefore, Anthony emphasizes strengthening product brands so that our brand can appear and be easily remembered by people. On the other hand, Anthony also shared his experience with competitors. For him competitors can help us understand how to improve business strategy. By comparing our products with competitors’ products, we are taught to create excellence and increase customer attention to our products.

The second speaker, Franz Sanggara, the owner of Burger Bangor, introduced Hearlthy Burger, in 29 months he has had 300 outlets throughout Indonesia. Currently, more than 12 million pieces of burgers have been sold and created job opportunities for 1250 people. According to him, to be successful, it takes 97% perseverance and 3% luck.

When he started his business, Franz also conducted market research, benchmarking, and studied his competitors. Franz, in this case, also chose a role model for scaling up his business. Another important tip is to have an advisory mentor who has experience in their field. What is no less important, according to him, is product consistency & pricing strategy as well as branding. Bangor Group’s basic philosophy is measured courage: ‘No bangor, no life!’ The target for the first 3-5 years is to become the first local burger chain in Indonesia, from Cengkareng to Indonesia, then the second step from Indonesia to the world.

To build a strong brand, Franz explained five things that need attention, namely Brand Blue Print, Brand Delivery, Brand Equity, Loyalty, and profit. Franz explained how he built the Bangor Burger Brand through 10 steps, namely Rational Value, Emotional Value Brand Blue Print, Visual Identity, Brand Comm Brand Delivery, Brand Equity Perceptions & Expectations Formed, Purchase on Channel Proof Distribution, Consumption of Low Fat Burger Products with 100% % Australian Cattle, Bangor Care’s Reputation, Loyalty Can Be Enjoyed by Everyone, and the last is Profit. The sensation of being able to enjoy the delicacy of Bangor Burger does not depend on taste, price, taste, lifestyle, social status or stress level reliably but rather on how thankful you are today.

The webinar which was held by the Diploma Four Hospitality Study Program which was held on November 26 2022, entitled “BE A MILLIONAIRE FROM CULINARY, Learning From Success Stories of Millennial Entrepreneurs” was successfully held smoothly, effectively and as expected. The enthusiasm of the participants can be seen from the number of questions asked, where there are still some questions that have not been answered by the resource persons due to time constraints.

Webinar Participants of Diploma 4 Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Bogor on 26 November 2022 

Webinar Commitee Diploma D4 Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata on 26 November 2022

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