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Rima Pratiwi Batubara, S. Hut, M. Si.

4 Year Bachelor – Tourism

Tourism Destination

Rima Pratiwi Batubara was born in Jakarta on July 28, 1989. In 2010, graduated from Diploma 3 of IPB in the Ecotourism Expertise Program. In 2013 continued bachelor’s degree at  University of Nusa Bangsa, Forest Resources Conservation Study Program. In 2018, graduated from IPB with a Master’s degree in the Ecotourism and Environmental Services Management Study Program. In 2012-2017 worked as an Accounting at EFT Organizing. In 2014, became a Part-Time Lecturer in the Ecotourism Program Diploma 3 IPB until now. In 2018, became a permanent lecturer at STP Bogor and has been doing it until now.

As a lecturer, she has teaching activities with the subjects Communication, Sociology and Tourism Culture and Behavior. In 2019 received Dana Hibah grants research from the Government. Attended national and international seminars and has published 3 proceedings. Currently, has published 7 articles in national journals. In 2021 until now, become Secretary of the STP Bogor Bachelor of Tourism Study Programme. Active in LPPM STP Bogor activities. From January 2022, become a Coordinator of Publications and Intellectual Property Rights at LPPM STP Bogor with a term of office until 2024.

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