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Lets Find Out.. Do You Know The Difference Of Pastry And Bakery?



When we visit a cake shop or bakery, we will definitely see a lot of different types of cakes, bread, bakery, pastry, and various foods that you may not know how to call it. However, you know that it is a bakery product in general. For those of you who are interested in knowing more about the world of baking or the culinary world, you must often find it difficult to distinguish between pastry and bakery. Therefore, in this article, we will first discuss the differences between pastry and bakery. “Similar but not the same”, this proverb is suitable to describe the difference between pastry and bakery. Both are considered as the same product, even though there are different differences in them. So that you are no longer curious, let’s just look carefully at the reviews below.


Pastry comes from the French “patisserie” which means cake or we can also understand it as knowledge in processing and serving cakes. Pastry is a term used to describe grouping cakes or referring to skin dough to make pastries such as puff pastry, pie, and choux pastry. pastry looks from the dough layered with butter and fat.


Bakery comes from the word “bake” in English which means baked or baked. When viewed from the materials used are actually more or less the same between the two. We can find ingredients such as flour, salt, sugar, and water as the basic ingredients for making pastry and bakery. Bakery is a part of pastry that handles making sponge cake, croissants, bread, Danish. However, there are also unique ingredients found in each dough, for example yeast commonly found in bakery ingredients that functions as a dough developer. While pastry products generally have a lot of fat content, while other types of cakes are made through a baking process.


To be clearer in knowing the difference between pastry and bakery can be explained in the table below, namely:




Basic Ingredients

Water, Flour, Eggs, Sugar, And Shortening

Yeast, Wheat Flour, Salt And Sugar


Slightly Soft, Layered

Fibrous and Soft

The Role of Fat

Make The Appearance of Layer

Strengthening The Bond of Flour, Flavor Enhancer, Soft



Middle East

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