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Are YOU Ready to become a High-income International Hotelier in Canada?

Realize your future dream with Sekolah TInggi Pariwisata Bogor International Class – Pathway Program!


Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Bogor collaborated with Niagara College Canada for arranging an International Class – Pathway Program that bridged the D4 Hotel Management Program (at Indonesia) with the Postgraduate Hotel Management  (at Canada). Besides improving students’ English capabilities, this program will also provide Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Bogor students with international learning experiences and the amazing opportunity to gain valuable work experiences in Canada. This program is available to BHI students who have completed 3 years of study in the D4 Hotel Management Program with the main requirement of having the required English language skills. Students will complete their studies with a Bachelor degree in Applied Tourism (S.Tr.Par) from Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Bogor and a Postgraduate Certificate in Hotel Management  from Niagara College CanadaStudents will also have the opportunity to obtain an official work permit and stay in Canada for 1 year to gain international work experiences. As a graduate of this program, you have the specialized training needed to take on increasingly senior roles in the global hospitality and tourism marketplace. 
Don’t hesitate to Apply Now; to be prepared for the 2022 intake.


Why I must continue my study on Hospitality & Tourism Management at Niagara College through International Class of Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Bogor?  


  1. Located in world famous tourist destination; Niagara waterfall
  2. Much cheaper tuition fees! As a comparison; The total cost for studying equivalent to an undergraduate degree abroad is approximately 300-400 million rupiah per year, meaning the total can reach 1.6 billion for 4 years of study, in order to get a bachelor’s degree. However; through the International Class program from the Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Bogor, the cost is very affordable.
  3. Direct guarantee of getting career opportunities on an international scale (worldwide).
  4.  Housing & AccomodationThe cost of living is obviously much lower. The cost of living in Canada is around 150-200 million per year. When multiplied by 4 years of study, it means that you have to spend 600-800 million rupiah. But if the 3 year period of study takes place at the Bogor Tourism College first, the cost of living will not be that expensive.
  5. This International Class program is designed to make it easier for students to be able, skilled and ready to go to study and work in Canada



Taking a self-guided virtual walking tour of our campuses, or book a Virtual Visit for a guided virtual campus tour with a friendly Recruiter.

 Don’t hesitate to Apply Now; to be prepared for the 2022 intake. 

2022 Intake Timeline

Winter – Januari 2022 / Spring – Mei 2022 / Fall – September 2022 

Winter intake in Canada, most popular among Indonesian students, begins in the month of January every year. Let us look into the different factors and elements that you need to consider and complete for an efficient, effective and stress-free admission process to the International Class – Pathway Program at Niagara College Canada. Before you begin your application processes, check out the timeline below. Once you have information about the dates, you can continue with the rest of the activities.


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