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Implementation Of Webinar: “Easy To Make Journal Series-2 (Indexed Sinta)”

Lecturers are one of the professions that have duties and responsibilities in the form of the Tridharma of Higher Education. To fulfill the TRIDHARMA responsibilities of Higher Education, lecturers are required to carry out research and community service. Considering that the research conducted by Bogor Tourism College Lecturers is still quite low, therefore we as the Institute for Research and Community Service of the Bogor Tourism College held a Webinar with the theme “Easy to Make Journal Series-2 (Indexed Sinta)”.

In order for this webinar to produce good results, we invite Mr. Dr. Herlan Suherlan, M.M., CIQnR., CIQaR as Lecturer of Tourism Destination Management Study Program Bandung Tourism College to share his knowledge with the Webinar participants. He has a lot of quality research, besides that he also has a Certificate of Competence, namely Certified International Quantitative Researcher (CIQnR) and Certified International Qualitative Researcher (CIQaR).

This webinar will be held on Saturday 10 September 2022 online using Zoom Meeting. The lecturers were very enthusiastic to participate in this Webinar, although space and time were limited. Herlan Suherlan, M.M., CIQnR., CIQaR can share a lot of his knowledge with Bogor Tourism College Lecturers. It is an honor for us to receive his knowledge.

With the holding of this Webinar, we hope that after that the Permanent Lecturers of the Bogor Tourism College can conduct a lot of research, both accredited and unaccredited.

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