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Clean Is It Hygienic? The Importance Of Food Safety In Restaurants And Hotels

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Restaurants and hotels are the industry that serve foods that must be completely secured. What happens if a guest complains that he suddenly has a stomach ache after eating the food we serve? What if a guest finds an unfamiliar animal in the food or drink we serve? What if a guest shares the incident on various social media? Therefore, it is very important to maintain food safety to avoid the things above.

What should we do? Starting from our own hygiene. Are we washing our hands properly following WHO guidelines? There are various provisions for the correct personal hygiene, ranging from hair to the footwear we wear. As food handlers, another factor that must be considered is that we must take care of the food or beverage that we will serve to guests.

Starting from receiving raw materials, proper storage, processing food, until serving food so that nutrition and cleanliness are maintained. Another important thing is how we control animals that can be a medium for exposure to bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi into the food.


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