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Many people aspire to study abroad. But they usually have some views of their own regarding this. Some are afraid that it will be difficult to follow the style of lectures in a new foreign country and there are things that need to be considered so as not to experience a culture shock when they arrive in their destination country. In addition, the main doubt that often arises is whether the qualifications possessed by prospective students are in accordance with the desired college qualifications. This time we will discuss a program that can help overcome these problems, namely: Pathway Program. This program has more flexible entry requirements and is more certain to get you accepted to study abroad.

A pathway program is a program that aims to bridge the gap between the latest educational qualifications held by students and the entry requirements demanded by overseas campuses. This program is designed for transitioning their studies on oversea campus smoothly. During the program, students will learn the basic knowledge needed as well as essential learning skills and expertise. They will also get to be able to adjust to the new learning style and culture of education abroad which may be much different from education in Indonesia.

Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Bogor always strives to understand the needs of tourism people who desire to study and work abroad. Therefore, on April 22, 2021, Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Bogor signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) with Niagara College Canada to inaugurate the International Class with the Pathway Program scheme. This collaboration is the first collaboration in the field of Hospitality for Niagara College Canada with educational institutions in Southeast Asia. This International Class program is a combination of 3 years of Hotel Management learnings at the Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Bogor and 1 year of Post Graduate Course at Niagara College Canada. Graduate students from this International Class program will receive the title S.Tr.Par. (Bachelor of Applied Tourism) and Postgraduate Course Certificate in Hospitality & Tourism Management, as well as an official work permit in Canada. This International Class program is the most likely way to place skilled Indonesian expert workers in Canada. This program will not only open up formal education learning, but will open up wide opportunities for students to broaden their horizons and develop future skills.


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