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9 Steps to Developing a Tourist Village

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Tourism village is one of the government programs to accelerate the revival of tourism, where the program is able to move and grow the economy of rural communities evenly throughout Indonesia. Referring to this goal, it is necessary to take steps to develop a tourist village which we quoted from the “Tourism Village Guidebook, Edition II in June 2021, as below:

Joint Commitment, before deciding a village to be developed into a Tourism Village, it is necessary to have a commitment from all components of the village, community, community and village government.

Identification of Potential, a village must have the potential to be developed, whether based on nature, culture or artificial (creative). Potential that has uniqueness or characteristics that other villages do not have through discussion with the village community.

Problem Analysis, in developing a village, you will definitely find a problem that becomes an obstacle, both physical, non-physical, socio-cultural, both internal and external to the village.

Impact Solutions, mapping the positive and negative impacts that will arise from the socio-cultural, natural and economic aspects, then find solutions together by involving all village components

Regulation, in the village development process it is necessary to prepare a set of rules, norms to oversee the development of the natural, cultural and creative potential of tourist villages in accordance with the portion to improve the economy of rural communities.

Integration–Collaboration, a collaboration between village components and various parties such as the Government, business actors, academics, communities and media for smooth and targeted development in the tourism village development process.

Capacity Building, all village components must be carried out an education in accordance with their fields with the aim of increasing expertise and knowledge so as to create superior human resources.

Publication and Promotion, the use of digital media plays a very important role in publishing and promoting tourism villages. To introduce a tourism village, the village component needs support from all sectors, such as management, communication, technology, information, marketing and digital promotion.

Sustainable, the sustainability of a tourism village can be created if there is a key to success, namely, monitoring and evaluation involving academics, in the form of research and community service, innovation and creativity by involving the participation of entrepreneurs and young people, in order to improve the economy.

The development of tourist villages is expected to provide economic benefits such as increasing income and creating employment opportunities for tourism village communities, social benefits such as community skills, environmental benefits such as improving infrastructure, facilities and infrastructure of tourist villages.

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