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4 Basic Principles of Communication

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Communication is a very basic activity of human beings in their daily life. The aim of communication is to make other people, or the persons with whom we are talking, understand what we are saying. Good communication will result in good quality conversation, and the purpose of the conversation can be achieved.

There are four basic principles in order to reach good communication:

  1. The tone of your voice

Fast and slow of your voice depending on how you use it, the types of the occasion, and who your audience are. For example, if you are in a meeting, make sure that you can be heard by all participants. Don’t forget to put a “smile” on your voice.

  1. Clarity

It is very important that you speak very clearly, do not mumble, use simple words, and be straightforward. Remember that people whom you are talking to have different social backgrounds, cultures, habits, and education. The clearer and more straightforward you talk; the more people will understand the message you want to address.

  1. The choice of words

We have to make sure that we use the right words to express our ideas. We have to think of the most appropriate words before saying something. We have to make sure that the words we are saying will not offend anybody else.

  1. Listening

Communication is not merely a way of talking to somebody else, but also how good you are at listening to other people when they are talking. If you are a good listener, you will be able to completely understand what other people are talking about and you will build a good quality two-way conversation. So, the purpose of the conversation will be easily achieved.

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