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About this Program :

Study :

The Culinary 1 Year Program is an educational course program that prepares students to become someone who is ready to work in the field of hotel operations and is able to develop themselves into professionals and can continue their studies to the next level.

Students will have the opportunity on the job training during the learning period. This on the job training program will increase their work experience so that they are able to build networks for future careers at the managerial level.

Period of Program:

1 Year

Internship Program:

Second (2nd) Semester

Total Credits :



“To become famous and qualified educational institution in the field of hotel and tourism”.

  2. “Conducting education based on suitability dan equivalence in the field of hotel and tourism in general”.

Generating professional graduates suitable with the working demands in hotel industry, having self virtuous, righteous, and independent, and highly competitive towards work force recruitment in the marketplace and tourism industry.

LKP-BHI holds cooperation network in various companies especially in the field of tourism and hotel which are listed in the following below:

  1. Hotels & Resorts
  1. Restaurants & Cafes
  1. Apartments
  1. Cruise Ships
  1. Travel Agents
  1. Airlines
  1. Hospitals
  1. Cinemas
  1. Event Organizers
  1. Expedition Companies
  1. Banking
  1. Foreign Embassy
  1. Entrepreneurs



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